Commercial Condition Surveys & Planned Maintenance Programmes

All buildings require a degree of regular planned maintenance. As experienced building surveyors, we provide short- and long-term solutions to enable better understanding of the building’s condition and plan for future repairs and maintenance.

Initially, we’d recommend starting with a Condition Survey that will detail the current condition of the building. We survey the interior and exterior of the building and grade the condition of the various building elements, such as the roof covering, rainwater goods windows, doors, walls, floors, ceilings, etc, along with any recommendations with respect to electrical testing, heating plant, gas safety concerns, and the like. We then prioritise and estimate the costs of any works deemed necessary to put the building into good repair.

For optimum building performance, we’d then recommend developing a tailored Planned Management Programme for your building’s maintenance for the next 5–10 years to plan and schedule redecorations, repairs, cyclical works, etc. This is a cost-effective strategy for preventing costly remedial works, maintaining the health and safety of the building, protecting the property, and keeping it fully functional.