Dilapidations Surveys

If you’re a commercial Landlord, we can survey your property either leading up to the time of lease expiry or if you’re concerned that the tenant is not keeping your asset in good repair (or as required within the lease terms).

Our Dilapidations Reports outline any works required to comply with the Tenant’s repair responsibilities. We provide descriptions of any defects noted, photographs and the estimated costs for all necessary decorations, reinstatements and repairs to the property. We can also assist you with negotiations after the Dilapidations Report has been issued to the Tenant.

Alternatively, if you’re a Tenant of a commercial property, we can also assist you with responding to a Landlord’s Dilapidations Report and to enter negotiations with the Landlord.

The pictures below show buildings for which we have recently carried out Dilapidations Surveys on behalf of the Landlord or where we have acted on behalf of the Tenant in response to receipt of a Landlord’s Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations.